They said about Suite


" Our dream was to realize the perfect hotel room in our mini-hotel and the best way to find out if we were successful is to read our guest experiences.

" The room is beautiful, every detail is refined and elegant." 

" Check-in is super easy and the room feels like you're staying in a spa."

" The interiors are very very stylish yet not too pretentiously posh, views from the windows create a homely and urban feel to the whole place."

These are  just a few examples, but I think it’s pretty clear we’ve realized this dream! It was a great pleasure to work with Aldo and right from the start we liked his vision on our project.

The design of the two rooms is contemporary, but also timeless.

The excellent choices of the materials have made this project truly unique, such as the green marble in the bathrooms and the custom designed furniture and carpentry.

But also Aldo’s choices the bathroom equipment, lighting and other details were spot on.

Of course we didn’t immediately agree on everything right away, but we’ve always kept sharing our vision and found a solution without it turning into a compromise.

On a personal note, I think we got along very well with Aldo. Being in a project like this together felt like a friendship that will surely continue now the work is done."

Erik Baumann & Patrick Brand - 2019/Amsterdam

" We had known Aldo for a long time when we asked him to take care of remodeling the apartment we had just bought in 2018.

He had a very good reputation in the French community, a good advisor, solid coordinator and on time delivery project manager.

After listening to what we wanted and how much we were ready to spend, he came with several options. 

We were in a hurry and the 100 sqm of our apartment needed complete reorganization in 2 months time.

Aldo took care of the floor mapping, and of managing all the different teams, from plumbing to carpenter, from big work like moving the kitchen to tiny details and everything was delivered on time with an extraordinary detail level.

It was done so no one could see that actual work had been done. Everything was done so everyone would believe it had been like that forever.

The work was done on time within the budget.

It was a real pleasure to discuss with Aldo, and get the apartment we were dreaming of. "

Linda & Antoine Heftler - 2018/Stockholm

" Suite har renoverat vår lägenhet. Vi är väldigt nöjda eftersom han har respekterat vår budget och tidsplan även om det tillstötte olika överraskningar (el och avlopp) under projektet.

Aldo var alltid närvarande från start till leverans och svarade på alla våra frågor. Han var flexibel om vi ville ändra på något."

Frida Guillet - 2018/Stockholm

" Aldo är oerhört skicklig! Proffsig, tillmötesgående, noggrann, har ett bra team & har väldigt bra smak! Skulle rekommendera alla! " 

Anna Söder - 2016/Stockholm