Location: Mälarhöjden (Stockholm)

Year: 2019

Surface: 87 m2


Transformation of a regular 1990's Swedish apartment into a modernist grey-toned home for a single man.

Famous and iconic designers creations are mixed with bespoke furniture in a masculine warm composition of dark colors, natural stained woods and pieces of art.

Completed within a 45 days reshaping process on a modest budget, all the volumes have been completely updated according to the eclectic and elegant design tastes of the owner.

Father of 3 wonderful girls, it was obvious that we had to conceive for him a project to make sure to welcome his children in places designed with practical and smart ideas while meeting a family's contemporary requirements.

​With the conversion of the attic into a shared large double bedroom, an additional 14 m2 expands this apartment now composed of 3 different floors.

The work performed includes rooms reorganization with remodeling of partitions, electricity, plumbing, parquet renovation, plastering, painting and the installation of custom furniture.

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