SUITE arkitekter i Stockholm AB is an office of interior design – architecture and project management, based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded and run by Aldo Chermanne, Belgian interior architect with more than 25 years of international experience in the discipline accompanied by numerous projects of all sizes and types in architecture.

Our philosophy

Is to imagine unique interiors and buildings that speak of the fundamentals: functionality and esthetic.


Our objective

Is to truly understand our clients’ needs to translate them, both small and large budgets, into executable and optimized projects by combining the aspects of light, space and materials.

Our function

Is to make use of our vision and creative ideas to satisfy the client while achieving the desired result.

Typically we run all projects from first idea to final delivery.

As creator, SUITE designs a tailored project for you.

As project leader, SUITE is your sole contact who drives the specialized contractors teams with all that it implies in terms of execution, choices, time frame, budget and quality.